You are invited to participate in a survey on “Artificial Intelligence in Pathology”

There is a growing body of evidence highlighting the utility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in pathology. AI is a type of mathematical algorithm that allows computers to carry out human-like tasks considered “intelligent”, such as recognizing diagnostic histologic patterns or counting mitotic figures on digital H&E slides. This has the potential to radically transform the clinical practice of pathologists. This anonymous survey was developed to understand the familiarity, enthusiasm, and concerns pathologists may have regarding this technology in their practice. Some anonymous demographic information is also requested to understand the relationship of these variables (e.g. specific age groups, practice types and speciality) to the responses of the variables. It is expected that findings of this study will help guide researchers to design AI workflows that meet the specific needs of the study participants.

This survey will take roughly 15 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and confidential. Investigators do not have a conflict of interest. If you encounter any technical difficulties completing this survey, please contact

The survey can be accessed at the following link: AIinpathology


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