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ESP Pathology Progress Test 2022 – Invitation to register: reminder

The European Society of Pathology (ESP), in close collaboration with the UEMS Board of Pathology, is happy to announce the 2022 Pathology Progress Test (PPT). From 24th of November until 12th of December 2022 you are invited to take the PPT, which is primarily intended for trainees, but any pathologist curious to submit their knowledge base to the test is welcome to participate. The test consists of 120 questions in a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format. The questions are partly only text, partly still image-based,…

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Happy International Pathology Day 2022!

The European Society of Pathology (ESP) is expressing its best wishes to all for a happy International Pathology Day 2022!  Our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude go to all those who, with their tireless work, make Pathology a cornerstone specialty for accurate diagnosis and contribute to patient care on a daily basis. With the opportunity of today’s celebrations, we also are delighted to share with you special wishes from the ESP Trainee Subcommittee and ESP-affiliated National Societies! Sincerely,European Society of…

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Gain Confidence in PD-L1 Evaluation with the CPS Spotlight Series, Returning This Fall

CPS Spotlight Series Expert Insight Into PD-L1 EvaluationEnhance your confidence in Combined Positive Score (CPS) evaluation. Detailed Walkthroughs of Real-world Cases Join Agilent CDx Pathology Manager, Ed Manna, as he returns with his colleague, Dr. Kristopher Kersch, in this PD-L1 video series. The CPS Spotlight Series launched last year with great success, and is back this fall to help provide you with:Valuable tips for CPS evaluation using real-world casesKey methods used by expert pathologists to evaluate CPS, including the Numerator…

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