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Why and how should pathologists keep up with AI? w/ David Harrison, University of St. Andrews Artificial Intelligence is starting to cross from pathology research into pathology clinical practice. With several AI-based algorithms approved for clinical use in Europe and many more in the making, it is clear that rather sooner than later it will be an integral part of practicing pathology. Does everyone practicing pathology have to keep up with this new trend? Those who wish not to and…

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LIVE: 3DHISTECH Virtual Symposium 2021 “New era of Digital Pathology”

Program of the day: 10.00-10.15 Béla Molnár MD, PhD, DsC – Digitalization of pathology 10.15-10.40 Catarina Eloy, MD, PhD – How does the digital workflow support the clinical assistance at IPATIMUP? 10.40-11.15 Annamária Csizmadia – Complex diagnostic solution from 3DHISTECH 11.15-11.25 Prof. András Matolcsy MD, PhD, DSc – Digital pathology in academic pathology department during Covid-19 pandemia 11.25-12.00 Break 12.00-12.35 Konnie Hebeda MD, PhD – Digitizing the pathology workflow in an academic environment 12.35-13.05 Zita Bratu – A new pathology…

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2021 JAN 28 PROF. DOLORES CAHILL COVID VACCINE ACCOUNTABILITY, GOV LEADERS, BUREAUCRATS, HEALTH WORKERS, BIG PHARMA Legal redress and accountability by Government Leaders and Bureaucrats and Health Workers and Vaccine Manufactures being part of a COVID Hoax and subjecting people to a Vaccine which is not a Vaccine which is directly causative of Severe Health Reactions and Deaths. What did the autopsy report say. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2021/01/29/2021-jan-28-prof-dolores-cahill-covid-vaccine-accountability-gov-leaders-bureaucrats-health-workers-big-pharma/

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