Българска асоциация по патология

A Matter of Life or Death

In memory of Professor Juan Rosai Juan Rosai, M.D. (August 1940 – July 2020)  Despite all the advances in molecular pathology and other disciplines, the diagnosis of solid tumours today is still based in the overwhelming majority of the cases on what we see under the microscope. Juan Rosai was born in Italy as World War II began and emigrated with his family to Argentina at the age of eight.  He fulfilled his immigrant parents’ ‘dream’ by becoming a doctor. …

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nCounter® Breast Cancer 360™ Panel

Gene Expression Panel Subtyping • Disease Progression • Tumor Biology • Signature Development Product Highlights • Expertly curated, comprehensive content includes 776 genes across 23 key breast cancer pathways and processes • Provides a unique 360 degree view of gene expression for the breast tumor microenvironment and immune response • Interactive Breast Cancer 360 data analysis report available to expedite analysis to insight • 48 signatures across 13 categories measuring biological variables crucial to breast cancer tumor biology • Access…

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2nd ESP webinar on COVID-19

Methods for SARS-CoV-2 Detection in Tissues & COVID-19 Pulmonary & Cardiovascular Pathology 1: Introduction: Aurelio Ariza, (ES) & Ales Ryska, (CZ) 2: Methods for SARS CoV 2 detection in tissues: Zsuzsanna Varga (CH) 3: COVID 19 pulmonary and cardiovascular pathology: Fiorella Calabrese (IT) 4: COVID 19 pulmonary and cardiovascular pathology: Cristina Basso (IT) 5: General discussion Highlights of 2nd ESP Webinar:

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