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Why and how is AI taking over the tissue image analysis field?

w/ Jeppe Thagaard, Visiopharm Machine learning is not a new technology, but it started to revolutionize pathology relatively recently. The ideal combination of untapped, abundant pathology data necessary to leverage machine learning and the relevance of pathology applications has drawn scientists to this field and caused an artificial intelligence (AI) explosion. Within just two years from 2018 to 2020 AI-based tissue image analysis went from “cutting edge technology” to “mainstream”. The deep learning explosion started with the Camelyon challenge which served as…

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Deceptology in cancer and vaccine sciences

Seeds of immune destruction‐mini electric shocks in mitochondria: Neuroplasticity‐electrobiology of response profiles and increased induced diseases in four generations – A hypothesis From: Mahin Khatami First published: 19 December 2020 https://doi.org/10.1002/ctm2.215 Abstract From Rockefeller’s support of patent medicine to Gates’ patent vaccines, medical establishment invested a great deal in intellectual ignorance. Through the control over medical education and research it has created a public illusion to prop up corporate profit and encouraged the lust for money and power. An overview of…

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3DHISTECH Wins 2020 GHP Life Sciences Award

3DHISTECH has won the GHP Life Sciences Award – Leading Pioneers in Digital Pathology 2020 & Best Pathology Management Software Solution: CaseManager. Founded by Global Health & Pharma, a global information sharing platform and a multi-disciplinary professional community, the GHP International Life Sciences Awards aim to reward the dedicated innovators within this vital industry who work tirelessly in the background to ensure progressive innovations in medicine, vaccinations, agriculture, infection control, water purification, medical technology and more. In order to learn more…

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