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The Diagnostic Management Team: Past, Present and Future

Basic Concept of a Diagnostic Management Team Diagnostic Management Team Approach The Diagnostic Management Team (DMT) puts together the diagnostic puzzle and generates a diagnosis or short list of diagnostic options and provides the information to the treating healthcare provider. From: Michael Laposata, M.D., Ph.D.Professor and ChairmanDepartment of PathologyUniversity of Texas Medical BranchGalveston

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Digital Pathology Place

Manufacturer: Grundium This post is a review (with a video demo) of the whole slide scanning microscope Ocus from Grundium What is Ocus and what does it do?Ocus is a single slide portable whole slide scanning microscope. It enables the scanning and live viewing of one slide at a time. The device connects via wi-fi to a computer or any other device with internet access and a screen and lets you navigate the viewing and scanning process from there. To navigate…

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Prognostic value of histopathological DCIS features in a large‑scale international interrater reliability study

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Abstract Purpose For optimal management of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), reproducible histopathological assessment is essential to distinguish low-risk from high-risk DCIS. Therefore, we analyzed interrater reliability of histopathological DCIS features and assessed their associations with subsequent ipsilateral invasive breast cancer (iIBC) risk. Methods Using a case-cohort design, reliability was assessed in a population-based, nationwide cohort of 2767 women with screen-detected DCIS diagnosed between 1993 and 2004, treated by breast-conserving surgery with/without radiotherapy (BCS ±…

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