The European Society of Pathology Quality Assurance (ESPQA) Foundation and KU Leuven EQA scheme coordination centre are happy to invite you to participate in the ESP Lung External Quality Assessment Scheme 2020. The program aims to ensure optimal accuracy and proficiency in biomarker testing in non-small cell lung cancer. All countries can participate in the scheme. Registrations for the different subschemes are now open. Please note that the registration deadline is February 14, 2020

Set up of the scheme:   FFPE samples will be distributed on glass slides divided over three distribution rounds. Please consult the table below for an overview of the available subschemes and the registration fees. During round 2, only digital cases of respectively ALK, ROS1 and PD-L1 will be distributed. The laboratory is required to test the EQA samples using their routine protocols within a submission deadline of four weeks. It will be requested to issue one written report for each subscheme, describing the results and the methods that were used during the analysis. For the molecular DNA scheme, two written reports will be requested, one in round 1 and one in round 3. There will be a technical assessment for ALK, ROS1 and PD-L1 IHC, for which the IHC slides need to be sent to the EQA coordination center for pathology review and microscopic assessment. All of the EQA samples will be thoroughly validated and a sufficient amount of material will be provided to perform the analysis. The registration fee will cover part of the preparation and sending of samples, the assessment, the general and individual evaluation report and the administrative organization of the scheme. Payment notes will be sent by e-mail within 15 days after your registration and will also be available online after login (in the section ‘History of your EQA participation’). A recognized team of experts supports the validation and evaluation of this scheme, consult the Lung EQA website or signature below for more details.  
  New in the 2020 EQA scheme:   This year, the molecular subscheme and the MET subscheme will be combined in one molecular DNA based subscheme. In addition, a new molecular RNA based subscheme will be offered as well. The molecular DNA scheme will offer FFPE samples for EGFR (mandatory), KRAS, BRAF and c-MET genomic DNA testing. The molecular RNA scheme will focus on the detection of ALK, ROS1 and c-MET analysis on extracted RNA.  
  Your collaboration is valuable!   For the organization of this lung EQA scheme, we are still looking for available tissue material to provide to participants. In case you have a tissue block available that is positive for any of the offered biomarkers in the scheme, please let us know. Laboratories who provide material for the scheme will be offered a reduced registration fee in the next EQA scheme (2021).  
  Registration and sample distribution   Registrations for all schemes are open starting from today until February 14, 2020. It is possible to register separately for each subscheme.   How to register: Go to If you do not have an account: click in the left menu on ‘New Participant’ and complete the form. You will receive your login details via email. Log in on the website. Go to ‘EQA participant’s area’ and click on ‘Register now’     Overview 2020 Lung EQA scheme set-up