ESDIP is very happy to see the success of the last ECDP congresses and to see our society growing. We aim to provide our members with valuable resources and your support is very important for this goal to be achieved. European Congress of Digital Pathology (ECDP) is the premier not-for-profit digital pathology event in Europe.

From the pathologist point of view, the ECDP is the event that is announcing, every year, how Pathology is changing. The ECDP environment is prone to collaborations and brings unexpected people from distinct areas to meet and start trying to solve specific problems of everyday practice in Pathology. The ECDP is evolving as knowledge on computational and digital pathology is increasing, creating opportunities for basic science to be translated as validated clinical tools.

The position of the IT engineers and scientists is crucial in pathology’s computational integrative revolution. Due to the resolution of images, we almost reach a sort of genetic cluster, the first layer of a visible structure of the omics and clinical signature of the patient. The position of the pathology is and will remain key and playing the game of the computing pathology will be – in the next decade – crucial to make the pathology even more important than ever. Indeed, the image is a key indicator to grading, diagnosis, and prognosis, digital integrative pathology is called to make the link between the clinics, radiology, pathology and biology/omics, in order to facilitate and make much more accessible the personalized diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Becoming a  real forum for enabling pathologists, clinicians, companies, engineers and scientists to meet, exchange and challenge themselves, ECDP 2019 highlighted once more, this crucial role we all have to move to the next generation of integrative, coordinative and personalized care.

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