In the span of two months, we have re-imagined the dermatopathology education to an Online experience and harnessed existing technologies to create very engaging content. We have created a new format of educational videos particularly suited for dermatopathology education. I call it the “conversational lecture”. We have also developed an effective alternative for the microscopic session.
To accomplish this, we have created a new Dermpedia Courses website. which will launch on May 13th.
Since you are on our mailing list you will receive an invitation to register on this website in a separate email.
Please join us on this Zoom webinar to officially ‘turn on the switch’ and launch the 2020 Online Dermpedia Course.
Please keep in mind that the format of the Online Course will be Video On-Demand. These are not live events!
When you register for the Course you will be able to watch the lectures immediately or at the time of your choosing within the 1-year timeframe.
The format of the Microscopic Sessions will also be will be Video On-Demand. However, these sessions will be recorded ‘LIVE’ and you have the option to watch these recording sessions via the Webinar Registration links below.