The European Society of Pathology

The European Society of Pathology in close collaboration with the UEMS Board of Pathology announces the 2020 progress test for pathology trainees. From 8th until 19th of June those interested are invited to take the 2020 Pathology Progress Test, which is primarily intended for trainees, but any pathologist curious to submit her or his knowledge base to the test is welcome to participate. The test consists of about 120 questions, mostly in a multiple-choice question (MCQ) and some in an extended matching question format. The MCQ’s are partly only text, partly still image based, and partly virtual slide based. The targeted level is that of a trainee at the end of a residency program. The test comprises questions with a purely diagnostic orientation, but also molecular pathology and mechanism of disease-oriented questions. After finishing the test participants will immediately receive a test score. The test is purely formative: a tool for self-assessment. The results are kept anonymous. After closure of the test, all participants will receive a list of the correct answers as feed-back.  
 Those who consider taking the test and who participated previously can use the same login name and code. Previously registered colleagues are kindly asked to check and manage accordingly their provided information, such as the year of training. Those taking the test for the first time should register first. This can be done by logging on at this link and entering an email and a password as well as your year of training and country.
 Those taking the test will have open access to participate from 2020 June 8-19. The best way to do the test is in one run which will take about 3 hours, but the test can be taken in parts if other duties do not allow the participant to complete the test in one effort.  
Please note, before taking the test we highly recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version available. Tablets or mobile devices are not supported for the test. Should you experience any technical issues please email Please note business hours are 9am – 5.30pm British Summer Time (BST).