3DHISTECH proud to announce the Pannoramic® 1000 Scanner Software 3.2.1 Release. There are several new improvements regarding the software and the service as well to reach even better scanning.
What are these features?
Scanner softwareSupporting this new CIS VCC-25CXPHSR camera system that has much higher megapixels, much higher optical resolutions, and much smaller pixel size therefore the image quality is significantly better.Supporting this new FLIR (BFS-U3-120S4C) preview camera systemNew generation of frame grabbers: Rapixo CXP (RAP 8G 4C12) cardThe new 2.5 RTM Converter has been integratedServiceThe new FLIR (BFS-U3-120S4C) preview camera system display live image and calibrations for the preview can be proceedThe new CIS VCC-25CXPHSR camera system display live image and calibrations can be proceed 
You can download the detailed release document from Partner Home.
Pannoramic 1000 Scanner SW 3.2.1 Install File
Pannoramic 1000 Scanner SW 3.2.1 Release Note
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Zsolt  Balassy e-mail: balassy@t-online.hu phone +36309772636
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