Labquality is a Finnish, independent service company focused on quality assurance of medical laboratories and point of care testing. Clinically relevant EQA programs and quality controls are recognized internationally.

Subscription to Labquality´s clinically relevant EQA programs is open. Please subscribe your 2019 programs till the end of November to ensure your participation to all rounds of 2019.

You can subscribe to Labquality´s EQA schemes at any time of the year. Labquality will provide you all remaining rounds that are still available after your subscription.

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EN/ISO15189 standard clearly states that you should choose an EQA provider which can include pre-analytical and post-analytical evaluation. Labquality´s Integrated EQA program fully supports ISO15189 standard requirements. Integrated EQA program includes already almost 40 programs where pre- and post-analytical evaluation is integrated. You can ask more information about standard requirements from your national accreditation officers. Read more about Integrated EQA service

Labquality´s clinically relevant EQA schemes cover all main areas of laboratory medicine. The main programs are:

·         Anatomic pathology

  • ·         Andrology
  • ·         Biochemistry
  • ·         Blood bank portfolio
  • ·         Clinical physiology
  • ·         Genetics
  • ·         Haematology
  • ·         Immunology
  • ·         Laboratory instruments
  • ·         Microbiology
  • ·         Multiplex microbiology
  • ·         POCT
  • ·         Preanalytical EQA

Download our Product Catalogue 2019 or use our Product Search on our website to choose the most appropriate external quality assessment schemes for your laboratory.