Autumn 2023 Edition of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) Newsletter!

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Message from the President of the ESP By Prof. Peter Schirmache

ESP is in great shape and well-positioned to tackle the many challenges and needs we are facing. Our finances are solid and managed with high competence and allow us to pursue the projects we have decided on.

News from Education Subcommittee By Prof. Catarina Eloy

For the near future, we intend to increase the support to the already established ESP-educational strategy, in its different modalities, promoting maintaining of the quality of the events and stable organisational design. Simultaneously, two long-term awareness programmes have already been conceived to transversely influence the educational interactions. The “I love Pathology” awareness programme intents to promote cohesiveness of the community, increasing the number of pathologists and revitalising the image of the pathologist. In line with the ESP mission, the other awareness programme, called “ESP Towards Precision Medicine”, intents to reinforce the idea that only educated pathologists, supported by updated technology, may significantly contribute to better patient care.

The ESP Pathology Progress Test is one of the most successful educational activities and its next edition is scheduled for late November – early December 2023. We expect very broad participation from pathologists
worldwide, overcoming last year’s participation numbers: more than 880 participants from 70 countries took part in 2022.
Webinars are still one of the favorite educational activities of ESP members. ESP Working Groups maintain their wish to keep organising these to-the-point on-line sessions, and we expect to soon announce a new case-based discussion type of webinars to start early 2024. The European School of Pathology (EScoP) courses have already had two successful editions this year.

The ESP educational portal deserves a visit. ESP members can find the announcements of future activities, revisit the past ones (including recorded Webinars and cases presented in previous editions of the ECP), and have access to the Preceptoship programme (now with 4 cancer models and 2 more to be released by the end of 2023), and the Kansas Histopathology Cases monthly challenge.

Recently Published Books By Prof. Falko Fen

Paediatric Tumours: WHO Classification of Tumours, 5th Edition, Volume 7

Pediatric Nephropathology & Childhood Kidney Tumors Edited by Helen Liapis
Cambridge University Press, 2023.

We wish all ESP Members a very happy International Pathology Day!