Chairperson : Prof. Laura Crocetti

17:00Welcome to participants
17:05Precision ablation for liver tumors
Prof. Laura Crocetti
Liver case discussion with Q&A
17:25CT-guided lung ablation: Tips & Tricks & how I do it
Prof. Boris Radeleff
Lung case discussion with Q&A
17:45Safe and effective thyroid ablation with 17G and 18G MW antennasDr. Eduardo Crespo
Thyroid case discussion with Q&A
18:05Ablation of bone metastasis: a challenging location, the spine
Dr. Francesco Arrigoni
Bone met case discussion with Q&A
18:25Wrap up and closure

Educational objectives

  • To understand the basics of MW thermal ablation of lesions (benign, malignant) in difficult to reach anatomies or risky locations
  • How to master precision ablation to provide patients with an effective, curative treatment, avoiding complications


This webinar is dedicated to IRs, endocrinologists, surgeons interested in MW ablation with a new, innovative system that allows individualized treatments of disease presentations.
This course is open to thermal ablation experts as well as physicians with an initial experience in these procedures.

Live Session – Wednesday 23rd of June 2021 watch for free: oncostream newsletter