Program of the day:

10.00-10.15 Béla Molnár MD, PhD, DsC – Digitalization of pathology

10.15-10.40 Catarina Eloy, MD, PhD – How does the digital workflow support the clinical assistance at IPATIMUP?

10.40-11.15 Annamária Csizmadia – Complex diagnostic solution from 3DHISTECH 11.15-11.25 Prof. András Matolcsy MD, PhD, DSc – Digital pathology in academic pathology department during Covid-19 pandemia

11.25-12.00 Break 12.00-12.35 Konnie Hebeda MD, PhD – Digitizing the pathology workflow in an academic environment

12.35-13.05 Zita Bratu – A new pathology case management solution

13.05-13.30 Catherine Guettier, MD, PhD & Clovis Adam MD – How does the Dig. Path. support the clinical workflow of a multiplatform imaging?

13.30-13.50 Viktor Jónás – New generation of diagnostic applications

13.50-14.00 Closure of the event

Virtual Symposium 2021 – New era of Digital Pathology – YouTube