New and exciting activity on the ESP Educational Platform

One of the three pillars of the mission of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) is to provide up-to-date education in the field of human Pathology.

European Society of Pathology is thrilled to announce the introduction of a new and exciting activity on the ESP Educational Platform: the Kansas Histopathology Cases. For several years a group of high-profile pathology laboratories from around the world, under the coordination of Pathology Department of Kansas University, participated in the educational exchange of rare and challenging cases. ESP has been granted access to the database of the digitally scanned slides generated by this initiative and is excited to share it with ESP members.

How will this module operate:
– Access via the ESP educational platform
– This module is provided free of charge, but for access an updated ESP membership account is required.
– Each month approximately five cases will be released. The cases will include a short patient history and 1-2 scanned histopathology slides.
– For each case, participants are expected to carefully review it and to provide the most probable diagnosis. No detailed explanation is required.
– At the end of each round the correct diagnosis will be disclosed, and a new round will start for the following month. 
– The first rounds will be provided as an introduction and familiarization with this new activity. For future rounds, CME accreditation is being considered.

 All ESP members can benefit from this new educational activity.
Stay tuned for more educational activities, both online and onsite.