Dear Bulgarian Colleagues!*

My name is Olena Dyadyk, I am as a member of the ESP,  Advisor board from Ukraine of ESP, current member of the International Academy of Pathology; coordinator of cooperation between Ukraine and the Royal College of Pathologists of Great Britain; member of the Ukrainian Association of Child Nephrology (UADN) and the European Society for Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN); member of the Ukrainian Club of Pancreatologists and the European Pancreatic Club (EPC).

I am the full Professor, MD, Dr. Sci., Head of department Pathologic and Topographic Anatomy department of the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the profile „Pathological anatomy, forensic examination, pediatric pathological anatomy“, member of the clinical expert committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, member of „Central group of operative response to adverse events after immunization / tuberculosis“; Chairman / Coordinator of the Working Group on Implementation and Participation in the European Council of Pathologists (ESP) – ESP-UEMS Progress Test / Boards Examination.

I understand and read Bulgarian language, unfortunately I speak and write a little Bulgarian. For many years I taught pathological anatomy to English-speaking students.

Now, since March 8, 2022 I have been in Bulgaria, my family has been in Bulgaria too.

I received a letter from the European Society of Pathology, which contained information about the possibility of obtaining any assistance, including, if possible, working in any EU country. I will attach this letter.

I want and can work in my specialty. I wanted to clarify whether it is possible to provide humanitarian assistance to colleagues who cannot leave the war zone, there are a lot of such cities in Ukraine.

Your colleague from Plovdiv knows me – Benyamin Anavi –

My mail –

My Ukrainian phone – viber and whatsapp on it – +380504702237 My Bulgarian phone – +359877592363

Unfortunately, to our great regret, there is no clear registration procedure for those who left Ukraine for Bulgaria. I really hope the situation clears up. I would like to understand – what opportunities are there or not for work here.

I hope for your help.

Best regards, Professor Olena Dyadyk

Sincerely yours,

Olena Dyadyk

M.D, Ph.D, D.M.Sci, Professor

*With respect to this correspondence we have published the letter without some personal details